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Karen Ribeiro is an explorer of systems and subtle nuances who applies trainings in Polarity and Possibility Management in as many realms as possible, including local politics, renewable energy, and spiritual healing. She has created an innovative system for efficient processing of emotional triggers for clarifying concerns and enhancing life. Karen's InnerFortune journaling process has been adapted for team development and creative problem solving both personally and professionally. She has an MBA and degrees in Marketing and Interpersonal Communications.

March – Energetic Excess

What is Energetic Excess? How does one find clarity when full of frenetic energy and chaos? And then what to do about it? This post is the MARCH edition of the 2020 Year of Truth and it includes a number of ways to begin dismantling patriarchal consciousness and behaviors.

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Sheltering In Place

Settling into these days of “sheltering in place“ we are gaining perspective about what is important... After the house has been cleaned, closets and garage and basement and attic spaces organized, conversations begin to unfold lovingly – the ones that have needed to emerge for too long... Heartbreak Shatters the Shell around the Heart and Awakens its Capacity to Love.

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Containment 2020

Stop. Just stop. It is no longer a request. It is a mandate. We will help you. We will bring the supersonic, high speed merry-go-round to a halt We will stop ... the frenetic, furied rush of illusions and “obligations” that keep you from hearing our single and shared beating heart, the way we breathe together, in unison.

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February – Relationship Communication

2020 is the Year of Truth and what better month than February to dig into the essence of relationship communication? Let's tackle this up front and establish some important guidelines that can carry us through the whole year. So I've got a bit of a book review, a deep and insightful writing from a client to share, and general thoughts about transforming blah's into bliss!

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Witnessing Addiction Mind

This is an excerpt of incredible personal transformation work done by a woman who agreed to let it be published (my suggestions in italics): What am I addicted to? Sex? Attention? Promises? What if all gaslighting and manipulative behaviors stopped tomorrow, what would change? Trust might have a chance again. But do I have to "act as if" this isn't really happening in order to get rid of it? Do I have to pretend these bastards are not fully conscious of what they are doing when they lie to me...

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2020 – The Year of Truth

2020 is shaping up to be quite an incredible year and auspicious decade. I firmly believe that this is the year of safety - where feminine voices can be heard clearly by all - whether expressed by women or men. I am proclaiming this The Year of Emergence and will be writing a blog each month on topics that I find provocative and important. Here is the current plan:

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Bon Voyage My Boy!

I went to lunch with my son. He is now 21 and after a year of listening to his stories about his big move, his quiet hoping and big dreaming about moving down south -- to get away from the cold -- he's finally doing it. I'm reminded of the year he begged me daily to take Driver's Ed so he could hasten his license. It took me that long to relent as his distractability behind the wheel gave me existential panic. And I'm trying to trust and let go again.

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A New Presidential Cabinet

20 incredible candidates, only one of them will be nominated to run for President of the United States. We are in an unprecedented moment in history with six powerful women candidates. My goal here is to emphasize this fact and the pivotal turn we are taking in politics, where men are actually listening to women with an open heart and an open mind not just open eyes.

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How to Extract White Mind from Your Mind

So the old white privileged heterosexual Christian male “alleged” sexual assaulter, Kavanaugh, has been granted lifelong authority at the highest federal judicial post, the Supreme Court of the United States. What next? To all of the women, who were inspired to tell their story [read mine here] after Christine Blasey Ford’s courageous testimony about being sexually assaulted by this new Supreme Court judge, I want to say, emphatically, IT IS STILL SAFE.

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