20 incredible candidates, only one of them will be nominated to run for President of the United States.

I’m really grateful that I watched both Democratic National Convention debates this week (July 30-31). We are in an unprecedented moment in history with six powerful women candidates.

My goal here is to emphasize this fact and the pivotal turn we are taking in politics, where men are actually listening to women with an open heart and an open mind not just open eyes. The pundits are being a bit more objective than in the past, but still not quite enough for the American public to get a fair report on the content and caliber of each candidate’s strength (which is why we would all be well served by reading about each person’s platform). I loved how Andrew Yang said, “We’re up here with makeup on our faces and our rehearsed attack lines, playing roles in this reality TV show.”

I didn’t have the stomach to count how many times Mr. T‘s name was used. But it did make me nauseous enough to come up with a creative idea – one that is bold enough to potentially meet the description of “bold“ that some of the candidates could appreciate.

Here it is:

Have all of the 20 candidates meet together and decide among themselves who will be in which of the 20 cabinet posts for the 2020 term. Then, run united, supporting their chosen candidate who will then have a ready made cabinet.

This will do three things (they love counting to three):

  1. It will give the American people the best Presidential cabinet the world has ever seen,
  2. It will give us a “hit the ground running” level of progress we desperately need to undo all the damage Mr. T has done to our country on every level, and
  3. It will consolidate and maximize the exhausting campaign fundraising they are all doing.

Can you just imagine how much better life will be without the stress of Mr. T’s tantrums? How much more energy we will all have without having to recover after engaging with pretty much every form of media? Can you imagine what it would be like to feel hope again – like the hope Jay Inslee has about his climate plan?

Here are my suggestions (and check out their campaign sites):

Just a thought.

With love and hope,