Featured Consulting Program: Rise to Own It!

Personal transformation was the subject of the “world cafe” modeled conversation Karen facilitated in Lynn, MA at the second 2022 Rise to Own It gathering organized by the Coalition of Worker Ownership and Power. Other conversations happening simultaneously in the room were about interpersonal, community, and systemic transformation, and each facilitator was following the Theory of Change model popularized by Carol Weiss and other community change agents for sussing out the micro-level elements that lead to long term structural change. This second gathering certainly got to the core elements of what it takes to uplift the cooperative sector of the economy in Massachusetts. Here’s our policy platform!

Featured Circle Program: Journaling Circle Sundays

This weekly Virtual program takes place every Sunday from 7-8pm — at an ideal time of the week to work your plan and plan your work!

To join please make a $5-20 sliding scale offer via Venmo @ innerfortune — and then join in at https://meet *dot* jit *dot* si/innerfortune


Inner Fortune journaling circles every Sunday 7-8pm ET on meet dot jit dot si slash innerfortune

Inner Fortune journaling circles every Sunday 7-8pm ET



Examples of Custom Events

March-April 2023 Monday night Self-Coaching sharing circles – private co-living group

This is an 8-week program featuring the InnerFortune journal process with one week dedicated to journaling and reflecting together about the 8-gateways of insight: family life, adventure experience, right livelihood, dream reflection, social relations, spiritual practice, body listening, and thought awareness

Mother Daughter Strength

This program featured a mother and daughter talking through the joys of exploring their learning journey together. As the feminine voice strengthens in small communities and the health of the critically important mother-daughter bond ripples out far and wide, so too will the health of our societal fabric. We embrace past mistakes with open hearts and choose to celebrate what we learn through each other! More of this? Yes please.

Women & Spirit in Business: 2010-2020

Ongoing monthly facilitation of talking circles with numerous organizations throughout Western MA took place and inspired the feminine voice to grow clearer and more determined. Essence pitches, ceremonial eradication of negativity, and a lot of deep listening and sharing was co-created. Similar assessment-based organizational sharing circles can be customized — in person and virtually.

Private FB group (request membership)

Claim YOUR Badges of Courage

This 6-week community program explored Possibility Management of day to day ebbs and flows of energy and the distinction between feelings (tools the body uses moment by moment to help us navigate life) and emotions (lingering and complex sensations that can point to blocks needing attention).

The Inner Fortune Journal

A new way to allow your strengths to support your growth in all areas of life!

The Inner Fortune Journal is designed to help your strengths support your challenges – so that you are able to stay clear and inspired!

Each color coded section guides your right and left brain integration with prompts and space to embody what wants to emerge within you – through all your ebbs and flows. Career, Body, Family, Adventure, Spirit, Dreams and more.

Be on your Way today.