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Mother Daughter Solutions: Second Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm Eastern —

Together we are taking steps to stop worrying about past mistakes and instead celebrate what works! Join in with your mother or daughter as Sabrina and Karen lead a heartfelt dive into what makes our most important bond stronger.

Tune in Live on Wednesday May 13th from 6:30-8


Women & Spirit in Business: 2010-2020

What changes are we making in our consciousness and our businesses after sheltering in place? Are we committed to increased transparency? To speaking and acting from a deeper, more authentic inner wisdom? How are we showing up and how can we support each other?

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There are three environments we navigate every day — home, work and the world — or as I like to refer to them: Family, Community and Planet.


The Inner Fortune Journal

A new way to allow your strengths to support your growth in all areas of life!

The Inner Fortune Journal  is designed to help your strengths support your challenges – so that you are able to stay clear, focused and inspired!

Each color coded section guides your right and left brain integration with prompts and space to embody what wants to emerge within you – through all your ebbs and flows. Career, Body, Family, Adventure, Spirit, Dreams and more.

Be on your Way today.

$25 Venmo @Inner_Fortune and send a message with your address. Simple.