Users of social media know “Karen.” She’s known as a conservative, suburban, middle-aged white woman whose instinct is to call the manager—or the police—when others, usually people of color, are not following “rules” as she understands them. Karens were all over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook last summer and it wasn’t pretty. 

It is time for “Karening” to get a close examination. Narcissism … Perfectionism … Entitlement… it is all emerging and Beyond Karen can help facilitate the inner journey.

As the founder of Inner Fortune (the journal and coaching process), I have published this book as a project of Inner Fortune. The tools within the Inner Fortune journal supported my effort to unpack white privilege and draw from experiences as a former banker and politician, and long-time climate defender.

Yes, my name is Karen. I believe all middle aged white women can ease the burdens of their prejudices, biases, and unconscious acts of minimizing other’s pain and suffering by facing harsh realities, ideally in community. I hope this book will guide you through the multifaceted realities of the Karen phenomenon along with heart-centered intimate stories and insights to move … well … Beyond Karen.

Beyond Karen: Emerging from the depths of an epic epithet is a work of non-fiction activism and personal memoir urging white people to boldly face feelings of sadness, anger, and fear in order to reckon with their Inner Karens (and Kens, their male counterparts).


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Beyond Karen book cover (stay tuned for audio book)