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InnerFortune journaling and consulting offers us a carefully crafted way to reflect – to look at our life with fresh eyes — to keep strong emotional skills, to cultivate in-sight, to reduce angst and stress, and to be resilient humans.

InnerFortune services include:

  • administering organizational assessments – specializing in worker-owned enterprises
  • facilitating collaboratively designed activities
  • aligning interpersonal dynamics
  • team building, game play
  • sharing circles
  • conflict resolution

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Nourish Yourself on the journey toward Inner Fortune.

Express Your Spirit.

Deepen Intimacy.

Cultivate Gratitude.

Know Your Truth.

InnerFortune IDEA Currency

How have you experienced the Solidarity Economy? What does it mean to you? This past weekend I had the sweet and good for-tune of finding resonance with dozens of clearly vibrating humans at the annual Solidarity Economy Network festival in the fresh air Berkshires of Massachusetts. Day one was filled with loosely planned and elegantly facilitated workshops that included topics like Economics 4 Emancipation and activities like laughter yoga.

Healing our Hearts … Online

Of course it may be challenging to alter social media behavior given the current state of competition for likes and followers that has grown so fraught as to be artificially hyper-inflated by the ability to purchase statistical favor by the thousands. But over time—with diligent and mindful practice—we would see the artifice fall away as all the “oxygen in the room” gets taken up by Love and Life-Affirming Heart-Centered Well Wishes for each other.

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