Movements Create Power

I've been an activist as long as I have been able to call myself a (more or less) well adjusted adult. Alongside one of my justice heroes Amy Goodman, who I "discovered" in college believing she was already a superstar for calling out corporate bullies with a platform, sits Josh Fox. If I were born a guy, I'd love to have Josh Fox's creativity and confidence. I resonate with his passion and determination for fighting the big fights. And he has fought the biggest fights there are to fight given how insidiously knotted fossil fuel politics are. What I could NEVER see myself doing is living out in Northeastern U.S. woods in the cold, alone, period. And certainly not as a creative way to deal with and do one's best to heal Long Covid. Good on ya Josh, and thank you! The only thing I know is that movements are what create power,” he says. “We are beat up and suffering right now. This movie is a love letter to those movements, saying: we have to heal ourselves and walk forward. We can connect with the planet that takes all of our death and turns it back into life somehow. We can connect with that reality

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