When I envisioned the Inner Fortune journal back in 2006, I had been working a few years in banking after leaving the marketing business I’d started. My idea was to infiltrate the “nefarious” world of capitalism in order to make change from the inside. I was struggling with intense forces of injustice that seemed to threaten my very soul. My mind-body was utterly beat up by the strategic understaffing in banking. To the point when, after 18 months of non-stop working 6 days a week and getting into a terrible car accident on a Friday, I was back to work on Monday in a neck brace.

The broader impact of capitalism that led me to personally try to “be the change” was bearing down on me so hard I was about to go blind. Inner Fortune was my gift and, honestly, my salvation. We can’t go it alone. This is what I learned after years of reflection and through my community involvement as a climate activist.

Ultimately I left banking to try to serve the planet. But my service has been all about learning to appreciate her, our Mother Earth. And learning to appreciate all of the elements in our body-mind is the same sort of journey. We are one heart, expressing itself in billions of ways.

Now, so many years later, the vision for Inner Fortune is all about strengthening community and our sense of being seen and understood. I do not know how this journey will unfold but I do believe in the goodness of humanity and its capacity to rebalance our harmony with nature, each body-mind, each expression of Inner Fortune, together.

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