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Coach Wren is a seeker of justice and explorer of systems & subtle nuances. They seek ways to creatively apply learnings from witnessing life unfolding day to day alongside trainings including Polarity and Possibility Management, circle practice, and Economics4Emancipation. She has created an innovative system for accessing deeper truths in 8 emotional gateways of life. Their InnerFortune journaling process has been adapted for team development and creative problem solving both personally and professionally. She is healing the curse of ambition (etc...) and remains infinitely grateful to have formally studied Interpersonal Communications in college.

Movements Create Power

I've been an activist as long as I have been able to call myself a (more or less) well adjusted adult. Alongside one of my justice heroes Amy Goodman, who I "discovered" in college believing she was already a superstar for calling out corporate bullies with a platform, sits Josh Fox. If I were born a guy, I'd love to have Josh Fox's creativity and confidence. I resonate with his passion and determination for fighting the big fights. And he has fought the biggest fights there are to fight given how insidiously knotted fossil fuel politics are. What I could NEVER see myself doing is living out in Northeastern U.S. woods in the cold, alone, period. And certainly not as a creative way to deal with and do one's best to heal Long Covid. Good on ya Josh, and thank you! The only thing I know is that movements are what create power,” he says. “We are beat up and suffering right now. This movie is a love letter to those movements, saying: we have to heal ourselves and walk forward. We can connect with the planet that takes all of our death and turns it back into life somehow. We can connect with that reality

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InnerFortune IDEA Currency

How have you experienced the Solidarity Economy? What does it mean to you? This past weekend I had the sweet and good for-tune of finding resonance with dozens of clearly vibrating humans at the annual Solidarity Economy Network festival in the fresh air Berkshires of Massachusetts. Day one was filled with loosely planned and elegantly facilitated workshops that included topics like Economics 4 Emancipation and activities like laughter yoga.

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Healing our Hearts … Online

Of course it may be challenging to alter social media behavior given the current state of competition for likes and followers that has grown so fraught as to be artificially hyper-inflated by the ability to purchase statistical favor by the thousands. But over time—with diligent and mindful practice—we would see the artifice fall away as all the “oxygen in the room” gets taken up by Love and Life-Affirming Heart-Centered Well Wishes for each other.

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Black and White and Red all over

It’s a funny thing to speak in front of strangers. Strangers who arrive at a common destination can have more potential for intimacy, resonance, and shared perspective than blood relatives. Speaking in care-full and curated spaces can also uplift and spotlight our emotional edges in a very real way. This is why we stand up ... rinse and repeat.

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The White Mind

The white mind, in order to choose to face and address multifaceted and intersectional traumas, must first understand community and emotional safety in a fresh way -- as a vulnerable seeker of support, encouragement, and love; as a wounded, perhaps broken, traveler -- not as a provider of exceptionality ... and most definitely not as a trader seeking an upper handed gain.

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52 Days Reading One’s Heart — A Tribute to Spirit Wisdom

52 Days ago I started a process of listening to my heart with an ... open heart. It has been amazing and I will continue this, ideally for 7 more cycles, to complete a full year. I am also 52 years old and on my birthday quipped that I'm now officially "a full deck" (and I love to play cards). This post is a tribute to the abundant love that is everywhere we seek it.

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