We Are the Five Elements

WATER fills the cauldron

Absorbing, Containing, Purifying, Concocting

Transforming—cyclical and circuitous

Energy into infinitely more

Revolutionary Reciprocity.


FIRE floats on beeswax we mind

Incantation—gutturally uttered centuries on end

Rebirth. Cycles of pain and the breath of joy

Excruciating Wonderment


EARTH charred is porous

And. Our Home

Rehabilitating … Regenerating … Recycling

The grace of all that is—Kincentricity

Humanity. Art with heart. —break—


METAL—working, crafting, holding

Essence of our creative nature

To express itself; engendered.

A moment like this?

Life; heavy, hard, hot. Sexy … still


AIR—go for the birds, bees, and trees

I beseech thee

Renew our capacity together—