The white mind is Christian and capitalist; dominant.

The roots of white mind as we know it today are over a thousand years old and grew out of the merger of Christianity and capitalism. This merger began the spread of extractive and un-respectful practices of overpowering nature and the essential life power of her supreme intelligence — with missionary zeal.

The white mind is the child race, the youngest in the family of ethnicities, the body of people who need the most discipline in order to learn how to fall back in love with Mother Earth and all her sentient and living beings. All living waters are being suffocated with capitalism’s poisons and choked by capitalism’s wastes. All forests are being threatened by capitalism’s greed and weakened to their very core by capitalism’s toxic fumes.

The white mind is no less familiar with trauma than any other mind — but the deeper traumas of the white mind are rooted in perpetuating evil through silent complicity rather than suffering oppression and being silenced.

The white mind, in order to choose to face and address these multifaceted and intersectional traumas, must first understand community and emotional safety in a fresh way — as a vulnerable seeker of support, encouragement, and love; as a wounded, perhaps broken, traveler — NOT as a provider of exceptionality … and most definitely NOT as a trader seeking an upper handed gain.

The white mind, once it can humble itself enough to admit it is fragile, can begin its long journey of reeducation.

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The white mind, with and only with a pervasive and intensive reeducation, can join in a collective societal experience of healing and renewal. Deep and lasting traumas are literally destroying us at our core — making us think, speak, feel, and act in ways that are illogical and, perhaps, irreparable.

As the white mind remembers how to love the Earth — the trees and waters which are the true power and source of all live — it remembers how to love its own body and mind. This love rejects toxins and all sources of poison to the body and mind. As this love expands, so does the healing and desire for all life — all who are alive — to coexist in wellness and harmony.

Remembering how to love the earth

Remembering how to love the earth


Maybe you can consider going outside and hugging a tree; or, perhaps, thanking the fresh water you drink today.