This morning, so full and overflowing!
no polystyrene in my cup

decades after dad’s daily distribution to distributors

Purple heartfull offerings to and by the New Power Generation

on The fence and overhead.
Tobacco prayers and poems—our instruments of love playing in safe spaces—soft and loud.
Conversations pulsing with potential and hope despite grief BeCause endurance is greater

and teardrops are wiped and healed by Grandmothers now and beyond time.
she rocks a Christmas bag in august with tag still attached and her unapology is made visible by rainbow woman watching.
it holds

her two spirits—

sacred drum and rainstick too.
three thumbs up—look!

122 conversations hung so brightly floor to ceiling. Anne and Cheryl exhibit Truth!
Listen to the missing’s names spoken while mothers keep the lights burning.

see the pep in others’ step. Sit, patient, and trust the warmth in the laboring hearts.
wish All a good day!

the only love we know is the love we make.
A TransFormation Plan is coming together.