52 Days ago I started a process of listening to my heart with an … open heart. It has been amazing and I will continue this, ideally for 7 more cycles, to complete a full year. I am also 52 years old and on my birthday quipped that I’m now officially “a full deck” of cards (and I love to play cards).

Medium.com is where these daily posts are written each evening. If you are a member and would like to “clap” for each of these stories I would very much appreciate it. But I’m not writing these for your or anyone else’s claps. I’m writing it as a tribute to the abundant love that is everywhere we seek it. I’m writing these because I am so grateful and this feeling of reverence is what I want to grow in my life.

Day 1 I want to go back to bed but I’ll listen for another minute.
Day 2 Thank you dear heart for beating every moment.
Day 3 There is always tomorrow.
Day 4 One of the longest couple of days in recent memory.
Day 5 Allowing our healing and healed selves to swim.
Day 6 The heart rises each day as the sun radiating out as far as we can imagine.
Day 7 “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”
Day 8 We magnetically pull others’ attentions toward us with our heightened energy.
Day 9 Finances and insurance gave me heartburn.
Day 10 I know why your heart hurts.
Day 11 Can you bear the beautiful light inside you?
Day 12  Glad to be here, in this moment, awake, alive, and able to write.
Day 13 Sometimes being still isn’t a choice.
Day 14 I forgot how great it feels to touch the earth!
Day 15 Okay so I binge-watched the Seatbelt Psychic and it made me try something different.
Day 16 A day so finely orchestrated must be understood as a gift from creator.
Day 17  The Great Debate: when is the fullness of feeling too much?
Day 18 Thank the good creator for forests!
Day 19 Tuning up the body and the auto-body
Day 20 Feeling frassy and not the least bit sassy.
Day 21  I went to the library — and it was a big deal.
Day 22 Pondering the nature of space — is it empty or full?
Day 23 Wearing our hearts on our sleeves — a lesson in vulnerability
Day 24 Remember to breathe into your heart before reading these posts —
Day 25 What to do when your heart behaves like a ping pong ball.
Day 26 With around 86,400 beats a day, how does one read their heart?
Day 27 Straining to hear whispers.
Day 28 Vision is the art of seeing things invisible ~ J. Swift
Day 29 Claiming and Embracing the feeling of being invisible.
Day 30 Prayer for our kin, the trees, and for the lives of future generations.
Day 31 All our relations teach us who we are — if we let them.
Day 32 Learning to dance from a dog requires subtlety
Day 33 Lifting our heavy hearts together.
Day 34 Trusting your heart beat to guide your words and actions.
Day 35 A not so fun way to sing one’s heart out.
Day 36 Whose big idea was this heart reading thing anyway?
Day 37 Loving and listening to animals more carefully can make us better humans.
Day 38 Reading from the heart — a reflection on conscious competence
Day 39 Wishing you the joy of a child lost in discovery.
Day 40 A bad letter to my dead father about the patriarchy.
Day 41 There is nothing more intimate than sharing one’s heartbeat with another.
Day 42 A commentary on deconstructing white-mindedness
Day 43 Tea time & ice cream — inspecting two class aspects of white mindedness
Day 44 Expanding the heart through love languages
Day 45 All You Need Is Love — Lessons from John Lennon
Day 46 HALT … the signs to know when enough is enough.
Day 47 Capitalism is Invisible Cannibalism
Day 48 Can you feel your heart healing?
Day 49 What the people believe — is true.
Day 50 I don’t want to go down this rabbit hole, but…
Day 51 Labor day weekend has started off beautifully.
Day 52 A firehose from the heart.