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InnerFortune journaling and consulting offers us a carefully crafted way to reflect – to look at our life with fresh eyes — to keep strong emotional skills, to cultivate in-sight, to reduce angst and stress, and to be resilient humans.

This tool was born from my experience of needing more community, more honest dialogue, and more spirit while working in the finance sector. It serves as a great “self-coach” when harsh interpersonal dynamics block our connection and clarity.

I use this tool to find grace along my growth edges. And the wish is for all of us humans to know peace so deeply that we turn gently toward each other with insight and wonder.

InnerFortune services include:

  • administering organizational assessments – specializing in worker-owned enterprises
  • facilitating collaboratively designed activities
  • aligning interpersonal dynamics
  • team building, game play
  • sharing circles
  • conflict resolution

Nourish Yourself on the journey toward Inner Fortune.

Express Your Spirit.

Deepen Intimacy.

Cultivate Gratitude.

Know Your Truth.

The White Mind

The white mind, in order to choose to face and address multifaceted and intersectional traumas, must first understand community and emotional safety in a fresh way -- as a vulnerable seeker of support, encouragement, and love; as a wounded, perhaps broken, traveler -- not as a provider of exceptionality ... and most definitely not as a trader seeking an upper handed gain.

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52 Days Reading One’s Heart — A Tribute to Spirit Wisdom

52 Days ago I started a process of listening to my heart with an ... open heart. It has been amazing and I will continue this, ideally for 7 more cycles, to complete a full year. I am also 52 years old and on my birthday quipped that I'm now officially "a full deck" (and I love to play cards). This post is a tribute to the abundant love that is everywhere we seek it.

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Your Breath Matters

I want to heal my intensity so that the love I have for life, for myself, for others, shines through and becomes contagious. Mental - literal brain/head pressure - overheats my body-mind-spirit like the planet, and if I want to do my part to get that to slow down, to reverse global warming, I need to truly chill, deconstruct, unpack, and reverse the programming that keeps me spinning. I am slowly facing my complicity.

Stress Injustice: Juggling on a High Wire while Riding a Unicycle

My point is this: for better or worse, middle-aged women, the "sandwich" generation caring for their children and their aging parents, while juggling careers and performing as the "you can have it all" epitome of the American Dream on the shoulders of gazillions of feminists who have come before us, are the foundation of society and the seismic quake to crack that foundation wide open is underway. Do we care? Do we have any collective capacity to care?

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