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InnerFortune journaling and consulting offers us a carefully crafted way to reflect – to look at our life with fresh eyes — to keep strong emotional skills, to cultivate in-sight, to reduce angst and stress, and to be resilient humans.

InnerFortune services include:

  • administering organizational assessments – specializing in worker-owned enterprises
  • facilitating collaboratively designed activities
  • aligning interpersonal dynamics
  • team building, game play
  • sharing circles
  • conflict resolution

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Nourish Yourself on the journey toward Inner Fortune.

Express Your Spirit.

Deepen Intimacy.

Cultivate Gratitude.

Know Your Truth.

December – Making Love

We know that a clear and succinct form of feedback one gets when making love is orgasm, hence the natural pursuits and attentions we give it. Imagine if we had that clear of a response with each conversation--there would be either no minor or catastrophic mistakes ever made, or an awful lot of faked "orgasms"!

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November – Grace and Generosity

Emotional transparency is not easy for most people--especially those who have been in and out of the school of hard knocks or have had their egos bruised throughout their personal lives or careers. If you are becoming keenly aware that trust and fear of change are issues you need to tackle, and you don't want to "air your laundry" in front of anyone, journaling is a safe and effective practice for exploring the roots of your pain points.

September – Biomimicry

The idea of dynamic stability and not wasting (anything) is extremely inspiring to me. And, with the truths of my heart chords strummed awake by Robin Wall Kimmerer's messages of "raise a garden, raise a ruckus" and "give the Branson prize to the trees", and "the generous resilience of the plants show us how to get back up and keep going", I am ready to feel more humbly aware of the gifts our Mother Earth gives us and, like a petulant child coming to her senses, more carefully attend to my responsibility to her.

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