What is Feminine Consciousness and why is it rising dramatically?

Feminine consciousness is inclusive and generous. “It” cares less about who said what when, and more about what is being done to whom – in the service of harmony and justice. It is the higher minded, long term, visionary side of us that breeds compassion and values based actions. It is a counterbalance to hyper-individualism and a rudder for steering families, workplaces, and communities out of muddy waters.

Some of the questions that arise alongside this broad and critical notion include these:

  • Are habitats and homes supporting the species and individuals that depend upon them?
  • Is “development“ destroying the land over some imagined desire for More?
  • How much does any one need?

With feminine consciousness, we Cultivate awareness of the collective, the inter-being of species and the needs we have for living healthy and sovereign lives.

This Awareness informs our habits of communicating, of eating, of choosing what and how we consume – and why we do what we do. Why do we think what we think? Why do we say what we say? Feminine consciousness is the root underneath our intentions; the soil out of which our choices sprout and flourish.

Now is the time to question our motives, our habits, our needs and desires, so that we continually grow in our capacity to be well together. Emotional wellness is a response – ability to self and other. Feminine consciousness is the motivation to attend to self and other and to co-create emotional wellness.

This precious moment of sheltering in place, of resting our minds and bodies as a united planet, gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves what we truly need. How are we choosing to be – with each other and ourselves?

And if we have yet to reflect on these choices of habit, so that our lives might be more intentional and harmonious, when will we?

  • Why do we keep uprooting trees across this planet – by the hectare! – when bird species are struggling so desperately to survive?
  • Why do we senselessly murder millions of sharks and other marine life each year only to have some bizarre sense of specialty soup entitlement?
  • Why do we keep purchasing recreational vehicles when so many mega fauna are unable to even procreate?
  • And why, when residents across the United States are dying needlessly due entirely to executive irresponsibility, do hard-fought land and ecosystem protections suddenly get overturned for shameful profiteering?

These are NOT aligned with feminine consciousness. This is not responsible behavior that cares about life now and in the future. The recklessness must stop.

In what ways are we seeing Feminine Consciousness evolving?

Political Leadership — Women sticking their necks out for Truth and Justice while maintaining Heart-Centered speech and action —

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez demonstrates steadfast commitment and willingness to be uncomfortable; she initiated the Green New Deal legislation, spoke out against the profiteering in the new Federal Cares Act, and SO much more.

Fmr Congresswoman Stacey Abrahms wants to be Joe Biden’s VP and has the hutzpah to rally the support she needs. After the trials she endured running for Governor of Georgia and the people’s victories she won as representative, she’s the essence of Feminine Consciousness in action.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is out front, bold and fierce, keeping her constituents safe during COVID-19 despite ridiculous opposition. And she has vocally defended every woman’s right to to choose abortion and to protect her own body.

Media — Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers creating and broadcasting content to represent a clearer view of reality for the 51% —

Mothers of Ms. Magazine then and now

Have you seen Mrs. America yet? We love Cate Blanchett but do we love Phyllis Schlafly? This production team makes it easy to understand how the gross Nixon-era politics (which we’re still in..) could bring such a powerful and intelligent woman to oppose the swell of women – including Gloria Steinem (Rose Byrne), Betty Friedan (Tracey Ullman), and of course the mighty Shirley Chisolm (Uzo Aduba) – fighting their hearts out for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Octavia Spencer is Amazing as Madam CJ (Sarah) Walker in Self Made. Each one of these four episodes had me spellbound, watching the unfolding of each character as Sarah literally takes herself from rags to riches. She set out to become as big as Carnegie, Ford and Rockerfeller put together and (according to the production of her granddaughter A’lelia Bundles’ book, On Her Own Ground) she did just that — all while maintaining her mission to offer women of color financial opportunity. Check out the real Mme. CJ Walker too.

Little Fires Everywhere. I can’t get enough of this one. It’s based in the late 1990’s and both Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon will hold you in a fragile and dramatic expedition of the complexity that is every woman. Each character has a powerful and important contribution to the tension behind the very human attempt to feign emotional wellness despite the experience of coming apart at the seams.

Breaking the Silence. This is a small independent film available for free on Kanopy (access this with your library card). Incredible vulnerability felt through the stories of (18?) women of diverse ages/eras and races. Willow O’Feral has delivered a safe and educational glimpse of sexual adventure and triumph, despite the very real systemic oppression that exists in family and society.

And I have to at least mention these other must-get-to-know productions:

Women Make Movies – for 45 years WMM has delivered over 700 independent women-produced films, providing the support and resources to get Real content filmed and promoted.

Sex & Love Around the World – host, writer, and journalist Christiane Amanpour brings us to Tokyo, Delhi, Beirut, and Berlin for an adventure exploring eroticism, ritual, and cultural history.

Bettany Hughes’ work, Daughters of Eve, is a fascinating deep dive into key women of the bible. Her narrative is as straightforward as it is complex. An eye opening way to appreciate and relearn.

In what ways do YOU see Feminine Consciousness rising?